Power of Creativity

Creating Art, Relationships & Shoes

Grantosa students with their "Express" Banner
This is the second school year that I've had the privilege to teach in Danceworks' superb IMAP. Sounds great, but what the heck is it, right? IMAP = Intergenerational Multi-Arts Program. In this program, I partnered with a fabulous dance instructor and we made weekly visits to a 5th grade class at Grantosa School and a group of adults at Luther Manor Adult Day Center.  Every other week, the students visited the adults at Luther Manor and they collaborated on dance and art activities.

Adults and kids prepare to show off their moves at the Final Performance
The best part of teaching in this program is watching the relationships between the young people and older adults blossom. They expanded their creativity, learned about themselves and each other.

Half-way through the 5-month program, they visited the Milwaukee Art Museum together for a morning of guided tours and movement activities.  At the end of the program, they gathered for a Final Performance with other IMAP sites.  

Students and adults collaged shoes and boxes
The theme of this year's IMAP was "Dancing in Someone Else's Shoes". I will treasure the memories of working with these individuals and will carry their creative energy (and their shoes) in my heart.


It's a two-workshop weekend in Bay View...

... in 2 non-traditional class venues

Happy New Year!  Kicking off 2014 with some fun workshops in some rockin' spaces:
SATURDAY Jan. 18, 2014 / 4:00 - 6:00 pm
at Saffron Yoga Center: 435 E. Lincoln Ave. (above Cafe Centraal)
Cost: Pay-what-you-can from $10-$25 at the door

Learn the traditional Polish art form of Wycinanki (paper-cutting) and create colorful works of art using cutting and layering techniques. We will begin by using a traditional star pattern, and then continue on to making our own designs. Engage your creative energy and learn a new skill and a bit about Polish culture. 
Class for adults.  No prior art experience necessary.

And just around the corner ~

SUNDAY Jan. 19, 2014 / 1:30 - 3:00 pm
Craftea:: Learn Basket Twining!
at Stone Creek Coffee Shop: 2266 S. KK Ave.
Cost: $10 at the door, or pre-register for $9!

Basket twining is one of the traditional forms of basketry.  Come join a friendly group of folks, enjoy a tasty beverage or snack, and use your hands to make something useful (or artful)!  You can choose to make a basket from either colored chenille pipecleaners or basket reed; additional supply kits are available for purchase for just $3 as well.  All ages & abilities welcome.  No prior art experience necessary.

 Hope to see you this weekend! ~K


Fall Etsy Shop SALE

Fall Sale!

I am clearing out my Etsy Shop to make room for a load of new merchandise, just in time for the holidays.  Do a little shopping now (thru Oct. 31st) and save:

Yes, this little beauty is still available!

Happy Shopping! 

:) K


Love Mom

Mother's Day Sale in Etsy Shop!

I've been doing a lot of silk painting lately.  It's been a blast!  After selling at a few craft fairs and getting my scarves into a some local shops, I've decided to focus on this aspect of my business more in the coming months (though I will still be doing plenty of teaching... more on that later!).

As part of my plan, I FINALLY set up my Etsy shop... something that's been one of those back-burner projects for longer than I care to admit.  I've listed a dozen of my recently-made silk scarves for sale in the shop; in coming months I'd like to add some Wycinanki-inspired products as well (cards, tiles, trivets, etc.).  

So check it out... now through May 13th, I'm having a Mother's Day Sale in my Etsy Shop!  If you purchase a scarf from my shop using the coupon code LOVEMOM2013 then you can save $3.  The scarves are all one of a kind; I don't duplicate designs or make big production runs, as I want to keep these items as personal and unique as possible. 

I invite you to visit the shop and take a look around.  Then visit again in a month, because I'll hopefully have some new stuff. :)

And an early Happy Mothers Day to all the hard-working mamas out there!


Craftea Continues

Monthly Crafteas at Stone Creek BV

Craftea continues with monthly events at the Stone Creek Coffee shop in Bay View. Please register by email. As always, families are welcome, no art experience required. 


Skrobanki & Tea

Craftea Recap

Folk art + Latte art
First of all, a great big THANK YOU to Stone Creek Coffee in Bay View for allowing me to host the first ever Craftea event this past Sunday Feb. 15th at their excellent coffee shop.  Bay View is a neighborhood full of local businesses (especially coffee shops, bars and hair salons) and Stone Creek will always have a special place in my heart, as it is the first place I took Charlie when he was just one week old. (Awww... and yes, I took a photo.  It's at the end of this blog post.)  Anyway, the manager Kathleen was very open and encouraging about this event, and Kate, the Barista on duty on Sunday, was fabulous as well!

Secondly, THANKS to the ten ladies who attended!  I was very pleased with the turn-out (full house!) and the group was stellar.  First I gave a little spiel about Skrobanki, and showed some samples of Polish Easter eggs, then a brief demo of how to effectively scratch an egg without breaking it.  Then we got down to it!

At work
So one of my favorite parts of teaching in general is the unique experience that one group of individuals have while learning a new skill.  I learn something new every time I teach, guaranteed.  The coffee shop setting really helped create a cozy and fun environment, conducive to sharing.  During the session, conversation topics included local day care options, the virtues of Instagram and swimming cats.  Hey, you never know.

The finished product; way to go ladies!
At the end of our 1.5 hour session, each person had created a beautiful and unique scratched Easter egg.  What is that dye, you ask?  Why, it's homemade onion skin dye.  No need to buy a bag of red onions; just collect the leftover peels from the onion bins at your local grocery store.  Sometimes they charge you a penny for a bag of onion skins (not joking) but usually it's free.  Otherwise they'd just be throwing them out.  So here is the recipe my family uses to dye eggs with onion skins, as promised:

Onion Skin Dye Recipe
Before starting, make sure the eggs are at room temperature and choose eggs that are white and have a smooth surface.  Using red onion peels will give you a dark, rich brown color.  If you want a lighter shade of brown, add yellow skins also.

- Boil 2 quarts of water in a large pot
- Add onion peels and boil for 15 minutes
- Drain solution through a cheesecloth or strainer
- Cool water slightly and add 1 tsp salt and ¼ cup vinegar
- Place raw eggs into the solution one at a time (do not overcrowd the pot)
- Bring to a boil and cook on low heat for 10 minutes
- Leave the eggs in the solution until cool, then remove with  a spoon and place on paper towels to dry

Missed the Craftea, but want to learn Skrobanki?  I'll be teaching several full-length classes in upcoming weeks:

Rustbelt Fiberwerks   {Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood}
Sat. March 2, 2013
1 - 3 pm

Mon. March 18, 2013
6:00 - 8:00 p

The Waxwing    {Shorewood} (register)
Wed. March 20, 2013
6:30 - 9 pm

AND, there will be more Craftea events coming soon.  I'll be holding them on a regular basis at Stone Creek in Bay View, in addition to branching out into other neighborhoods.  If you have a request for a specific location and/or Craftea class topic,  let me know. 

Until next time...

Baby Charlie at Stone Creek, summer of 2011


Craftea : First Ever

Introducing... Craftea! 
Coffee Shop Craft Classes

What is Craftea?

Craftea is an art & fine craft class series brought to you by KDH Art Studio.  Crafteas are set in community coffee/tea shops in the Greater Mke Area.  The point is to learn a creative skill and meet new folks, while supporting local businesses.  Sounds fun, right?

Who is Welcome at Crafteas?

You... you... and even you.  Crafteas are designed to be accessible; I aim to keep the rates low (with all supplies included), and the coffee shops donate space for the events.  As such, please come prepared to buy a treat and support the business that is hosting our little shindig.  No previous art experience is ever required; all levels welcome.

What will be taught? 

Each Craftea event will focus on a different project.  Generally they will be topics I teach in my regular classes (Polish, paper and fiber crafts).  As some of you may know, I aim to teach informative and supportive classes in an environment open to sharing and socializing... just another reason the coffee shop setting is so ideal!

Fabulous!  How do I sign up?  Can I bring my kids?  How about my grandma?

To sign up, please email me.  I ask that you pre-register as class size will usually be limited to around 10 people.  If you're feeling lucky, you can try just showing up at the venue before class in case of no-shows, but I make no promises.  

Please bring along your class fee in cash.  Kids are welcome, but must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.  Some projects may not be suitable for young kids, but we can discuss this by email.  Each person participating actively in Craftea must pay the class fee.

I own and/or manage a local coffee shop... how do I get in on the action?

Contact me, please! I'd love to speak with you.