Recent Work Photos

I had the opportunity this morning to do a brief photo shoot on my fabulous front porch, featuring some recent scarf creations. 


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Power of Creativity

Creating Art, Relationships & Shoes

Grantosa students with their "Express" Banner
This is the second school year that I've had the privilege to teach in Danceworks' superb IMAP. Sounds great, but what the heck is it, right? IMAP = Intergenerational Multi-Arts Program. In this program, I partnered with a fabulous dance instructor and we made weekly visits to a 5th grade class at Grantosa School and a group of adults at Luther Manor Adult Day Center.  Every other week, the students visited the adults at Luther Manor and they collaborated on dance and art activities.

Adults and kids prepare to show off their moves at the Final Performance
The best part of teaching in this program is watching the relationships between the young people and older adults blossom. They expanded their creativity, learned about themselves and each other.

Half-way through the 5-month program, they visited the Milwaukee Art Museum together for a morning of guided tours and movement activities.  At the end of the program, they gathered for a Final Performance with other IMAP sites.  

Students and adults collaged shoes and boxes
The theme of this year's IMAP was "Dancing in Someone Else's Shoes". I will treasure the memories of working with these individuals and will carry their creative energy (and their shoes) in my heart.